Priorities / Caring for All Citizens

Caring for All Citizens

Our Senior Citizens are valuable sources of knowledge and have contributed significantly to make the county the wonderful place that it is. They should have the opportunity to continue to live here, to contribute, and to lead fulfilling lives during their later years. To realize those goals, they need housing they can afford that permit them to remain in Frederick County.  They also need viable transit options, so they can get around easily. We should work to ensure that these important needs are readily met.

A healthy community looks out for and attempts to lift those less fortunate folks whose basic needs are unmet or who have special, challenging needs. We have a great system of nonprofit organizations in our county which does an excellent job addressing a variety of concerns. The county can assist in their work by providing grants to qualified organizations that provide essential services for the well-being of county residents. Although the grants in aid may not be large, supporting these nonprofit groups sends a message that we all have a stake in addressing the challenges facing our residents.