My Vision for
Frederick County

I care deeply about this county and the well-being of its residents. As a lifelong resident of Frederick County I want to ensure that our county continues to be a wonderful place to live, work, play, raise families, and retire. The decisions we make today will outlive us, so it’s crucial that we make choices that lead to a future full of opportunity for those who follow.


I envision a Frederick County where every child has access to the best education possible, so succeeding generations are prepared for the challenges of the future and can take full advantage of the opportunities available. Investing wisely in our children is the best contribution we can make to their bright future and the future prosperity of our county.

We have a thriving, vibrant economy and we should ensure that our county continues to be an inviting and supportive place for businesses that provide good jobs with livable wages. Our county should be a place where everyone can succeed and prosper.


Development should be managed responsibly so that our farms, environment and natural resources are protected and preserved, and our communities continue to be livable, healthy and affordable.  


Just as we should invest in our children’s future, we should also be mindful of the needs of our senior citizens as they age. They have contributed much to our community and we should make sure that they can continue to live here with dignity while they enjoy the fruits of their labors. 


Everyone should have a voice, and working together we can ensure a bright future, full of opportunity for all.